Welcome to uHost!

Here you can get inexpensive web hosting for normal people. You will not find pointless bells and whistles. You will not find frills that dazzle. You will just find good, solid web hosting at great prices. Unlike most people with a reseller plan and pretending to be a big company, here you will get the truth. It is mostly just me, and maybe a few people I can get to look things over. However, I can handle all the technical problems while you take care of the rest. If you can babysit your own site, this is the hosting for you.

uHost Web Hosting

Thank you for visiting uHost, web hosting for the rest of us. I think it’s best if I put this up front.

What You Can Expect From Me:

You can expect rock-solid web hosting and not a whole lot more.
I aim for simplicity and clarity, making it easy for everyone.

I am not offering to help you build your site.
I am not helping you develop your script.
I am not helping you get listed in search engines.

I provide really good web hosting and that’s the end of my job. The thing is, I make your job pretty easy.

I provide industry-standard cPanel.
I provide free, point and click, automated SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt.
I provide single-click backups with JetBackup.
I provide easy, click-to-install web apps/scripts with Softaculous.
I provide FTP, online file managers, zone editing, metrics, and even more.
I provide a great deal. See a more complete list here.
I will even show you our real uptime.

What I expect from you:

I expect you to create your own site. I expect you to not break any laws. I expect you to use your resources, so we’re never over-sold. I expect you to behave like a responsible adult. I expect you to respect copyright. Nothing here is automated, so I’ll generate your account manually. This also means I won’t be standing over your shoulder, watching what you do. So long as it’s legal, and so long as I get no complaints, I’ll have no reason to look. I take my terms of service and privacy policy seriously.